Our immersive puzzle experiences make a perfect team building event!
Challenge your team to gather clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room before the hour is up.

Tailored to Match your Team
We currently offer two options for corporate audiences.  We regularly accommodate groups from 30-80 with engaging, challenging events.  By bringing our events to you we offer more convenience than offsite alternatives and accept larger groups, while staying in a competitive price range.

Pop-up Escape Room Team Event Game
In “Escape Mister E's Elaborate Enigma” teams solve a mysterious disappearance in a room full of contraptions.

Transforms your conference room or break room into an immersive escape room experience.

10 players at a time, up to 50 a day.

Perfect for spicing up the routine of established teams.

In “Battle of the Bands” your team forms rock bands racing to win a recording contract.

Transforms your large presentation room, cafeteria, or a rented event space into an immersive environment with costumed characters and puzzling devices.

Up to 80 players play at a time.Includes interactions with costumed actors.

Perfect bonding for new teams to share.

For teams smaller than 20 people,
we recommend playing one of our public events as a group.

For more information or a personalized quote,
give us a call at 628-333-9539 or email puzzlephantevents@gmail.com .